Anchors away!

Lately I’ve been loving the idea of using artwork for birthday, Christmas and other gifts. Back when Sabrina Soto’s “High Low Project” was still on HGTV, there was one particular episode that featured nautical art as a feature wall in a family room. That episode is one of my absolute favorites (you can watch it here), and it always left me wanting some nautical themed art in my own home.

via HGTV
via HGTV

The room on the show had a giant image of Chesapeake Bay split up into four frames, so I started brainstorming bodies of water near me that would fit the bill. Lake Minnetonka is the most meaningful lake to me here in Minnesota, but it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing to be worth blowing up in a larger size. Then I started searching for other types of nautical objects that I could turn into an art collection and stumbled on the delightful Etsy shop, Patent Prints, filled with architectural images across all sorts of categories. To my surprise, my husband found a few of them on my Pinterest board and got me four 16″x20″ prints for our anniversary. He knows how to make a girl’s day!

It took me a while to find the perfect frames to put them in because I had something very particular in mind, but I just never found it. Instead, my husband spotted these beautiful-but-not-too-rustic wooden frames at Michaels, and they were absolutely perfect. I love the texture of the frames and how they were practically made to go with my photos!


Thanks for reading. Happy Tuesday!


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