DIY Striped Bulletin Board

I’m excited to share my first DIY project in a LONG time. Forgive me, though, because these photos clearly show my delay in writing this post. I had every intention to publish this in April, I promise!

This beautiful, DIY striped fabric bulletin board is sure to add glamour and personality to your space! I believe every office should have at least one beautiful thing in it, and the touch of bling on the corners of this bulletin board is my favorite part.

To make this bulletin board for yourself, you’ll need the following:
art canvas (I used the 24″x36″ size)
cork roll
– hot glue gun
– fabric of choice (I used this fabric)
– staple gun & staples
– corner hardware of choice (I used these)

Start by unrolling the cork and hot gluing it to the back of the canvas. This step is critical because the canvas alone won’t hold your push pins. Giving it the cork backing will provide enough grip for your pins and keep your post-its, calendars, and artwork perfectly in place.

Cork backing 1

Once the back is completely covered in cork, lay out your fabric the way you want it to look. I wanted a horizontal stripe instead of a vertical stripe, but if you’re working with a more intricate pattern, be sure to place the fabric based on what part of the pattern you want featured. Once you’ve determined your fabric placement, lay it faced down on a table with the canvas faced down on top of it (i.e. the cork backing is facing up).

Cut any excess fabric from around the edges to make it easier to work with and staple. I ended up cutting off a few inches because I ordered a generous amount of fabric, but you’ll want at least 2″ inches on all sides depending on how thick your canvas is. From there, be sure to tug the fabric tight as you staple it down on the inner wooden frame of the canvas, about 1.5″-2″ apart. Sorry I forgot to take any pictures of this part.

Once the fabric is stapled all the way around, it’s time to add the bling! Fair warning, though, adding hardware requires a little more muscle since the screws have to pierce through the fabric. I ended up marking the holes for the screws on the fabric and making small slits in the fabric to allow the screws to better move through all the layers.

In the end, you’ll have a gorgeous bulletin board that’s completely customized and lightweight enough to hang anywhere! Enjoy!

Gold corners 1

Gold corners 2


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